Administrative Staff


Stephanie Giordano-Foster, CMBS

Stephanie Giordano, CMBS, Medical Business Manager; Ext.21


Stephanie has been employed by IthacaMed since June of 2002. She organizes, monitors and controls all business operations (non-clinical/HR) in the office. She is in charge of the day-to-day operations. Her incredible organization skills and experience as a Medical Billing Specialist keep our team in compliance, while running smoothly. She has established relationships with many patients in the practice over the years. She has compassion for all and a strong desire to expand her knowledge.

Stephanie currently holds an Executive Office position serving as Chairperson elect for FLOMA (Finger Lakes Office Managers Association).  Stephanie was born in Ithaca as a military dependent. Her family moved numerous times during her early years, by the fifth grade she had attended six schools. She moved to San Diego, California where she remained until she completed high school and went on to attend Miramar College, studying criminal law. She attributes her resilience to her childhood and believes it to be a virtue and welcomes change daily. She says “Each day is a discovery of new opportunities and possibilities that were not present before”.  As a child she recalls summer trips to Ithaca to visit her grandparents and always had admiration for downtown Ithaca. In 1996 she relocated to be closer to family. Stephanie & her family reside in Ithaca. Her oldest daughter Kellsie currently attends Gannon University. Majoring in Criminal Law with a minor in Psychology and Spanish, she also leads the coed Competitive Cheer team. During her break Kellsie is often invited to work in the office helping with administrative tasks. Korrin, her youngest is actively involved in basketball, soccer, and Ithaca LAX. Stephanie takes advantage of any free time that becomes available to take part in activities that she enjoys, aside from attending her children’s sporting events. They include, hiking, running, geocaching, gardening and photography. “Capturing the moments that are most meaningful to others, and of course all of the hidden treasures in the Finger Lakes, that is my passion” she says. An image Stephanie captured of Taughannock Falls can be found hanging in the front office. Her photograph was also chosen by Cornell Federal Credit Union for the month of April in the 2016 calendar. Stephanie is most proud of her “bucket list” accomplishments in 2015. She completed both Women’s Swimmin’ for Hospicare of Ithaca (1.2 mile swim in Cayuga Lake) & the Cornell Spartan Sprint. Stephanie truly enjoys working in the medical field so much that she expanded her career by accepting a teaching position, as the instructor for the Medical Administrative Assistant course offered by Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3). She feels that sharing the immense amount of information acquired as a practice manager will be beneficial for the local healthcare community. As mandates become more stringent in the years to come she feels passionately about sharing her knowledge to help other practices. If you have any issues that you need help with feel free to give her a call at 277-0969 Ext 21. Whether she’s in meeting a patient, addressing staff concerns,  or out of the office attending to FLOMA duties, or running errands,  she manages to keep the medical practice running efficiently. If she is not available, please leave her a message and she will get back to you as soon as she is available to do so. All billing and patient concerns can be addressed with the front desk in order to receive immediate attention as she is often addressing management duties . You may also send an email to Stephanie at. She has the knowledge and background to reach a resolution for most situations even if it is above her, she will direct you to a contact that she may know of that can assist you. She feels most satisfied knowing that she has a part in helping individuals maintain a healthy mind and body and she takes great pleasure in making sure the patients are taken care of. Your input is greatly appreciated so please let her know how IthacaMed is doing by completing a survey the next time you are in the area. You may also send a request to her at IthacaMed  appreciates your feedback. It is relied upon to help improve services to the community.



Thupten Dakpa, Ext. 25 or


Thupten has been with IthacaMed since 2002.

The office is fully computerized, complete with electronic medical records. Running a medical office these days requires a lot of work. We have the highest standards in the way we maintain our patients charts and keep them up to date. Thupten was born in Tibet and escaped at the age of 14 years in a harrowing 6 week journey.

He studied at the Tibetan School of Buddhist dialectics in Dharamsala, taking his vows to become a monk. He arrived in Ithaca and began as an assistant to the abbot at Namgual monastery.

His family in Tibet became unemployed and he made the difficult decision to disrobe so he could provide them economic aid by working at 2 full time positions. In 2004 Thupten became a naturalized American citizen.


The front desk staff are available to take your call Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM. The front desk staff is in charge of scheduling appointments, checking patients in and out and routing incoming calls. As well as answer your emails and telephone calls, they assist in setting up investigations and visits needed to an outside specialist. For prompt service we suggest that all correspondence be sent via our web portal. If you have any questions or concerns, the receptionist are at your service and ready to help you. You may send an email to We ask that you please arrive a few minutes early to ensure that we have ample time to collect any information we may not have on file if you have not completed your profile online.

When you call to schedule an appointment, it is helpful to give the receptionist the following information:

  • The type of visit you want.
  • Whether or not you are sick,  and in need of a same day visit. The office will get you in as soon as possible.
  • If you have no illnesses, but want screenings and discussion about healthy lifestyle changes, you need a preventive exam.
  • If you are requesting a preventive visit, be sure that the service requested is a covered expense, and that enough time has passed since your last preventive visit (often, this is one year).
  • How you will pay for services not covered by your health plan.

Required at the time of Check-In:

  1. Verify all Contact Information and report changes
  2. Present Current Copy of Insurance Card
  3. Present Current Picture ID if not on file
  4. Present payment for your co-payment/payment for that date of service if applicable, as well as pay on outstanding Balances (if applicable)

Heather,Medical Receptionist

Heather McFall, Medical Assistant; Ext. 11

Heather is our Medical Receptionist, and often works in the office as a Medical Assistant, a new position here at IthacaMed. The med assistant can be found assisting the providers in procedures, and lending a helping hand around the office completing intakes and any other tasks to ensure that all patients needs are met. Heather plans on furthering her education to pursue a career as a nurse in the healthcare industry.  We are certain she will gain the knowledge needed to prepare her  for the future. She is always great company and we are confident that you will enjoy her cheerful attitude.