Nancy Peckenpaugh, R.D., Nutrition Therapy

Nancy Peckenpaugh, RD

Nancy Peckenpaugh, RD

Nancy Peckenpaugh, RD works in collaboration with Dr. Law and the Diabetes Team to help you better understand your food as she teaches you the nitty-gritty. As your basic fuel source you will get to know the right mix of food for your personal health conditions and weight needs. She will teach you how to manage any plate set before you in an easy yet effective style for your personal needs.

Nancy is sure to help shape your food habits to gradually meet the goal of permanent food habits that will achieve and maintain your health for a lifetime.

Nancy grew up in Trumansburg and comes from an old Ithaca family who first arrived in 1816 by covered wagon. Her original ancestor came here as a silversmith and jeweler, and his first born son was one of the earliest photographers in Ithaca. Nancy began specializing in diabetes while living in Bermuda. Even before it had a name, Nancy recognized the insulin resistance syndrome, and it was apparent that along with diabetes came high blood pressure, central obesity, high triglycerides and low HDL-cholesterol (dyslipidemia). This experience prompted Nancy to become a certified diabetes educator. She brought the concept of carbohydrate counting to Ithaca. Her continued experience in the field of diabetes stimulated her to write her own books.

Nancy has published the following: Peasant Eating for Royal Living, AKA Beans and GreensThis book helps the reader to understand the problems with either a very low fat diet or a very low carbohydrate diet. The basic premise of the book is that if we eat like our peasant ancestors, we allow our bodies to live royally, but if we eat royally, we make our bodies live like peasants. The book is directly aimed at managing insulin resistance syndrome and covers carbohydrate counting along with weight loss strategies. She has also written Real Cowboys Eat Beans: For Cowboys and the Women Who Love ‘Em and Genna, The Henna-Spotted Giraffe and  Nutrition: Essentials & Diet Therapy, 9th-11th edition. The nutrition textbook used in nursing schools but is also appropriate for anyone desiring general nutrition information for use by individuals and families. Nancy Peckenpaugh is available for appointments here at IthacaMed on Tuesdays.