From its inception, this office has had a strength in internal medicine with a strong emphasis on physical diagnosis, acute hospital medicine and the management of chronic medical conditions. We pride ourselves in remaining up to date with contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The traditional approaches of careful history taking and physical examination remain central to our approach to medical problems. The old medical adage, “listen to the patient s/he is telling you the diagnosis” continues to be true to this day. We adhere to the guidelines dictated by best evidence in the medical literature for effective and economic delivery of health care. Furthermore, no medical consultation is complete without patient education.

This office provides primary care to adults, eighteen and older that reside in Ithaca and surrounding regions. In addition to endocrinology, we have strengths in earliest diagnosis, preventative medicine, well woman, HIV, and psychological medicine. We have provided continuity of care for patients, providing follow-up care in the community, local hospital, local skilled nursing facilities and sheltered accommodation.

We place a premium on humane interactions with our patients. All providers greet patients themselves from the waiting room. The initial discussion of a medical problem(s) takes place in a consulting room before the patient changes for the physical examination. We feel this allows the patient to feel fully comfortable discussing their health as a whole person on equal standing, face to face, rather than trying to present one’s medical concerns while perched on an examining table, half naked or draped in a flimsy, backless medical gown! After changing for the purpose of physical examination (into one of those flimsy, backless medical gowns!), the patient is then given a full physical or a problem-focused examination. Following the examination, the patient dresses and meets again with the doctor or nurse practitioner to discuss the results of investigations, diagnosis, and the proposed management plan. Health education and preventative medicine are an integral part of this part of the consultation. Patients are encouraged to take an active part in this process as we recognize that such collaboration leads to the best outcome.

Home visits (house calls) are an increasing part of our medical practice focusing primarily on those who have difficulty leaving their homes to attend our office. We offer home visits as a part of our office practice for those patients living close to the office. Providing house calls has made it possible for many of our patients to remain in their homes well into their advanced years or stages of illness.

Dr. Adam Law brought to Ithaca a strong separate interest in endocrinology, metabolic medicine, diabetes and lipid medicine. He provides a consultation service to physicians in the local community in this medical office and also at the Cayuga Medical Center. General endocrine practice reflects the frequency of endocrine problems in the Tompkins and Cortland Counties. This is a large thyroid medicine practice managing many patients with Graves disease, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules and goiters. Dr. Law has performed many fine needle aspiration biopsies of thyroid nodules in the office and this has led to a marked reduction in the number of patients requiring surgical removal of thyroid lesions. Dr. Law is currently working with a group of physicians, in a team approach at the Thyroid Nodule Diagnostic Center at the Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, New York. In addition hyperthyroid states are treated conservatively with antithyroid medication or actively with radioiodine therapy using the department of Nuclear Medicine at the Cayuga Medical Center. We also follow up many patients with problems in reproductive, pituitary and adrenal endocrinology.

Dr. Adam Law gained his doctoral degree in lipid medicine from the University of London and has maintained a keen interest in patients with dyslipidemias. He continues to see consultations in lipid medicine and takes a strong interest in multiple risk factor intervention to prevent coronary artery disease and the other devastating manifestations of atherosclerosis.


A trip down Memory Lane; The Original Diabetes Team

Based on state of the art approaches in the management of diabetes, Dr. Law is committed to fostering a team approach to the management of this disease. Since starting in practice in medicine in Ithaca in 1994, Dr. Law has built up two diabetes education teams in Tompkins County. In this medical office he founded the Ithaca Diabetes Team with Alma Coats, a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator and with Nancy Peckenpaugh a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. This team was joined by Anne Neirynck (1999-2016), along with Alma Coats (retired 1992). This team approach of a physician, a nurse educator and a dietitian has allowed successful initiatives including an active insulin pump program, and outpatient management of newly diagnosed patients with diabetes. Nancy Peckenpaugh has bought to Tompkins County the important new method of carbohydrate counting to the management of diabetes and also the importance of diet in the management of insulin resistance. After 15 years of success in diabetes management Anne Neirynck, NP retired. Because of this work, this office is recognized by the American Diabetes Association as a center for diabetes education. William Larsen, NP is now working in collaboration with Dr. Adam Law and Susan Mueller, RN to become certified diabetes educators for IthacaMed.

At the Cayuga Medical Center, Dr. Law initiated the Diabetes Program with a goal of becoming a recognized diabetes education center by the American Diabetes Association, a goal realized in 2000. This team currently includes Cindy Parlett, registered nurse and certified diabetes educator, Deb Siegert registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Vince Picciano pharmacist, and Susan Hassett, Registered Nurse and vice president for nursing at the Cayuga Medical Center. Family medicine physicians who have also played a key role in this team include Suzanne Anderson, MD and Howard Silcoff, MD. This team now provides monthly education classes open to all patients with diabetes in the community. It has also reorganized diabetes care and education for patients within the Cayuga Medical Center.

Dr. Adam Law is an Attending Physician at the Cayuga Medical Center. Dr. Law has admission privileges for internal medicine including the use of the Intensive Care Unit and the Coronary Care Unit. He also has consulting privileges in diabetes mellitus and endocrinology for adults.