History of the Practice

Drs. David Newman and Jamie Walker started this medical practice in north east Ithaca. After Dr. Walker left, the practice was transferred to an office in Buffalo Street. Nurse practitioner Shirley Ladd worked with Dr. Newman during this period. Dr. Adam Law joined the practice on May 10, 1994, incidentally the date of a total solar eclipse over Ithaca. Dr. Law took over the practice in August 1994 when Dr. David Newman became director of student health at Ithaca college.

Rosa Tingey joined Dr. Law as a nurse practitioner at this office in 1995 and was sorely missed when she left in 2005. Nancy Peckenpaugh, a registered dietitian and Alma Coats, an RN and Certified Diabetes Educator, joined as part of the Ithaca Diabetes Team in 1995, Alma has since retired. Nancy Peckenpaugh introduced to Tompkins County carbohydrate counting as a simple dietary approach than the exchange system for patients with diabetes mellitus. She is here in our office on Tuesdays.

On May 20, 1996, the entire practice moved to the newly renovated premises on Cayuga Street. Dr. Eileen Lucey joined the practice from June 1998 and continued working in the practice until March 2000.

Anne Neirynck joined as an endocrinology and diabetes mellitus nurse practitioner in 1999. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator and also an insulin pump trainer. Kathy Williams became part of the internal medicine team with a special interest in home, nursing home and hospital visits. She has since retired. Joan Cain, NP filled her position and relocated to South Carolina. We have since hired on William Larsen, FNP-BC. Kristin Stevens joined IthacaMed in 2006 to provide women’s health care.

In May 2000 with the help of the community concerned about the continuation of a community centered approach to medicine, a zoning variance was granted for the second floor residential apartment to allow growth to the practice.

Dr. John-Paul Mead (June of 2002-2007), bringing an interest in internal medicine and primary care, Dr. Jonathan Kirsch (September 2005-2007), bringing an interest in internal medicine, primary care, migrant healthcare and travel medicine.