EMERGENCIES: If you have a medical emergency that you think requires hospital care, either call 911 for an ambulance or go directly to the Cayuga Medical Center Emergency Room located at 101 Dates Drive Ithaca, NY 14850. The medical center is located off Route 96 North.

If you suspect you are having a stroke or heart attack, or are unsure what to do, call an ambulance. If you decide to drive to the emergency room, it is preferable to have someone take you. The ER will contact Dr. Law if you go during his regular office hours. After-hours they will contact the physician who is on-call in his rotation group (see below) If you need to be admitted to the hospital the physician on-call will admit you. Care provided by the on-call physicians will be billed directly to you by the physician treating you.

AFTER-HOURS CARE: For other medical problems that you feel need immediate attention after-hours you should do one of three things:

-Call our message service at 1-866-295-4436 (toll-free). The operator will contact the physician who is on-call.

-Go to the Cayuga Medical Center Emergency Room. They are open 24/7.

-Go to the Cayuga Medical Center Convenient Care Center on Route 13 & Warren Road, or the Cortland location. Both are open 7 AM- 10 PM, 7 days a week.

ON CALL ROTATION: Dr. Law shares an on call rotation with two other Board certified, attending physicians at the Cayuga Medical Center. This arrangement enables them to provide the highest standards of patient care after hours, and at the same time have some evenings and weekends off. The other members of the group are:

  • Dr. Ann Costello -Board certified in internal medicine and geriatric medicine

A member of the group will contact you if you call our message service with an acute medical problem, will admit you to the hospital if you need after hours admission and will be available to hospital personnel if you are already in the hospital. At the end of each day, Dr. Law personally speaks with whom ever is on call for the evening to discuss any hospital patients.

A NOTE ON THE MESSAGE SERVICE: Please regard this as an emergency service. It is not for routine calls, prescription refills, scheduling or referrals. Please call the office at 607-277-0969 during office hours or leave a message on the voice mail. If you leave a voice-mail, your request will be addressed the next business day.