Kristin Stevens, OB/GYN, N.P.

Kristin Stevens

Kristin Stevens joined Ithaca Med as an OB GYN Nurse Practitioner in August 2006. She specializes in providing health care to women of all ages including annual exams, preventive screening, contraception and menopause counseling.

Kristin’s specialty in women’s health care began in the early 1970’s. She credits her holistic health care approach to early participation in women’s health and childbirth movements at the Berkeley Women’s Health Collective and the Santa Cruz Birth Center. She strongly believes in empowering women with current information and knowledge of strategies for health promotion and disease prevention. When serving women with health problems, Kristin is committed to providing informed consent for available treatment choices.

She earned her BSN degree through West Virginia University and RN licensure while living and working in the Southern coal fields of West Virginia. While going to school and raising her family, she assisted in the development of community health centers and statewide adolescent and maternal health programs. She also provided direct services for vulnerable infants, adolescents and women.

After working for 16 years in West Virginia, Kristin moved to Ithaca with her husband, Lee Adler, and sons, Bo and Micah. She began her formal midwifery training through the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing (FSMFN) in 1991. As the oldest midwifery service in the country, the FSMFN partnered with Case Western Reserve University to establish this highly regarded midwifery education program. Her training emphasized well-woman gynecology and obstetrics. Kristin was dual licensed as an OB GYN NP and Midwife in NY State in 1993.

Prior to joining Ithaca Med, Kristin worked as a midwife with Ob Gyn Associates of Ithaca (1994-2006). Over the years she has enjoyed assisting hundreds of women in their births.

She is excited to focus her Nurse Practitioner work on the critical and varied health care needs that women in the Ithaca community present to our primary care offices at Ithaca Med.

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