Anne Neirynck, N.P., Endocrinology

Anne Neirynck

Anne Neirynck, Nurse Practitioner Anne joined the endocrine side of the practice in August 1999. She received her Master’s degree in Family Nursing from Binghamton University in 1998, is licensed as a nurse practitioner in family health in New York State and is nationally board-certified as a family nurse practitioner by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She is currently working on obtaining her certification as a diabetes educator.

Prior to working with Dr Law, she worked at Family Medicine Associates in Ithaca and was an adjunct lecturer at Binghamton University. As a registered nurse, she worked in the pediatrics unit at Cortland Memorial Hospital from 1993 until 1995.

During her studies to become a nurse practitioner, Anne did an internship with Rosa Fang and decided that of all the nurse practitioner positions in Ithaca, her dream job would be to work in this practice. She was very impressed by the patient-centered philosophy of care, which matches perfectly with her role as a nurse practitioner. She obtained additional training in endocrine diseases with Dr Law. Anne sees patients who have endocrine problems, mostly diabetes or thyroid diseases. As a nurse practitioner, her emphasis is on health promotion for the patient as a whole person (as opposed to treating a disease).

She is particularly appreciative that Dr Law gives her enough time for patient consultations so that she can provide patient education and support as needed. She is part of the diabetes team, and works closely with the other members of the team.

Anne is originally from Belgium (she is a native French speaker) and has lived in Congo, Switzerland and France. Since 1982, she has lived in Ithaca with her husband and two children. Nursing is a second career for Anne. After graduating from college in Switzerland, Anne became a computer scientist. She holds a Ph. D. in computer science from Cornell University. When asked about the connections between computer science and nursing, Anne does not see any clinically relevant use for her background in computers, but she is looking forward to developing a Web page on diabetes for the practice.

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